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profitrip is a leading service provider in Europe for business hotel and rental car bookings. If you travel for business purposes, feel free to sign up.

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  1. What is profitrip about?
    Low priced, convenient business travel. more »profitrip is a professional online portal for booking hotels and rental cars specifically for business travelers. Registration required for access. Users of the portal receive special rates for hotel accommodations and rental cars worldwide through profitrip. This not only makes business travel a considerably less expensive but also more convenient. profitrip will offer still more services for business travelers in the future.
  2. How do I benefit from using profitrip?
    Savings, more convenience, and service. more »The attractively priced hotel offers not only make business travel less expensive but also more convenient, as you can book a better hotel with the same budget. You will regularly save up to 30% per booking. In addition, different room categories, board options and cancelation terms allow you to book according to your specific needs. The same applies to reserving rental cars. As a registered user you have unlimited access to profitrip's worldwide hotel and rental car network. All bookings are supported by our customer service, which is very quick to respond.
  3. Who is profitrip aimed at?
    Business travelers. more »Business travelers from companies of any size and industry benefit from profitrip.
  4. Why does profitrip offer hotel accommodations and rental car at special terms?
    Because only business travelers may register for profitrip. more »profitrip only allows business travelers to become a user. Most registered users have a high annual travel volume. Due to the high overall volume our hotel and rental car partners offer attractive conditions for all users of the online portal.
  5. Where can I find more information about profitrip?
  1. Why do I need to register to use profitrip?
    Because profitrip can only offer the benefits listed to registered users. more »profitrip is a closed online portal designed for business travelers. Only users registered for the portal are able to benefit from the attractive terms of profitrip partners.
  2. Is profitrip registration and use free to travelers?
    Yes. more »Both registration as well as using profitrip are free of charge to all users. When booking, the agreed price is either payable to the hotel/rental car company locally, or directly to profitrip.
  3. Why is every user activated manually?
    Because profitrip reviews the information provided by users for plausibility. more »profitrip guarantees its partners a professional clientèle. The information provided by users is checked for plausibility. Users providing incorrect information are not activated to use the portal.
  4. How long does activation take?
    Activation is usually completed the day of registration.
  5. Why do I need to provide my business address and e-mail address?
    Because this is for business travel. more »profitrip is only aimed at business travelers. Your business address and e-mail verify your affiliation.
  6. Will be data be released to other companies for advertising purposes?
    No, not at all. more »Your data is highly confidential and secure. It will not be disclosed for advertising purposes. The required information is only forwarded to the respective hotel or rental car company upon booking. For more information please refer to the profitrip privacy policy.
  1. Which hotel categories are available?
    The profitrip hotel network includes all hotel categories from 1 Star to 5 Stars.
  2. Is travel time limited?
    No, it is unlimited. more »Your trip may be for one night to several weeks. There also are no time limits on rental car bookings.
  3. Why should I preferably book an attractive offer?
    This will improve your status and you will receive even better conditions in the future. more »If you find a satisfying offer you should also book it. If you regularly book hotels, you will also have a higher status in the profitrip status program. The higher the status, the better the conditions offered to you.
  4. Am I obligated to book an offer?
    No. more »You are never obligated to book.
  5. Can the names of the travelers be specified at the time of booking?
    Yes. more »The names of travelers must be specified during the booking process and will be forwarded to the respective hotel or rental car company for their information. This will make it easier for you to check in.
  6. What are the benefits of a higher status at profitrip?
    Better terms. more »Bronze, silver or gold status profitrip users receive better terms. You should therefore strive for a higher status.
  1. Where do I pay for my hotel stay or my rental car booking?
    Either at the hotel or directly on profitrip. more »Where payment will be made is specified during booking. You either pay at the hotel (typically during check-out) or at the rental car company or directly through profitrip.
  2. Why do I need to provide a valid credit card during booking?
    It is either used as security or used for direct payment. more »Your credit card number is entered and verified during the booking process. The hotel or rental car company uses the credit card as a security in case cancelation is no longer free of charge. It will only be charged directly when expressly specified. This is often the case for offers which cannot be canceled.
  3. Will an invoice be issued for the hotel stay?
    Yes, of course. more »Upon paying the service provider he then issues the invoice. When paying at the time of booking you will be able to download your invoice from your account.
  1. Who can I contact if I have more questions?